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Read this for a minute and think for a while….

Be ready to change always technically…                                 

All “Software Integration” projects, clients are migrating to “ HCI” as HCI is of Cloud, introduced first in the market, then what makes you stop at learning generic tools and technologies?

As entire Globe is moving around the word “Cloud”, now it has become mandatory for every technology or a tool to convert its dynamics, structure, architecture and everything into CLOUD. The reason behind this huge competition for generic Tools & Technologies is just due to the huge number of trainers availability as all Softwares are freely available from cracked-market. As a Competence Lead, worked for many enterprise allocations and its development, I’ve seen all the hell ‘n’ back of resources when they get recruited. I recommend the technology or a tool should be new to the market, what you adopted, for getting a job or to change to another job and the training feasibility of it should be very less in the market. It makes you a dependable in an organization and will be a no-other-go for a company until they made you join in. It will be possible when that technology or tool is of CLOUD. As any CLOUD based technology or tool is not an installable software, and which can run by accessing its software instance [SAAS/PASS] through the internet in your own browser. It can be possible only for Edumas to provide you training & practicing with a software instance by an expert from every ground of HCI. You can avail Online & Classroom & Virtual-Classroom training with assured job assistance and references from Edumas.

What does a course entail? –  The length and content of  HCI course will be vast and vary and well planned by our Senior Middleware Tool Consultants cum Trainers Team. Each concept assumes few proposed hours of study per day and it is strongly advised to schedule no other training during the course time as this impedes the ability to learn the content and pass the course.

Do I need training? Can’t I just learn on the Job?- Although this practice does occur with any tool nowadays, without taking the training it is not possible to get Provisioning access or to have the client instance mapped to your Provisioning account. In addition, there are many nuances to each solution that would not be known without taking official training.

What sort of experience do I need? – There is no particular experience required; HCI itself new to the market and companies haven’t any other alternative to going for when they are short staffed with the required resource. Just learn, practice, get support from Edumas and see jobs available for U.

Are there any prerequisites to take the training? – As mentioned above, to undertake any course training you won’t have any prerequisite to learning. Edumas asks you to meet us just with 2 B’s, a Blank mind and a Blind practice. Just give our corporate ladders to fill those blanks.

What about certification? – Clients, Customers and even Consultants or Vendors have said that they “don’t need their HCI Consultants to be certified”. It’s all a need of a development company for making its resource profile [U] more weighable so that they can acquire more marginalized income from client billing. If it’s demanded, your company will be sponsoring by reimbursing the cost of it. Indeed, Edumas is with u to provide 100% pass guaranteed certification assistance and it’s a certification assisted training program. But certification comes next to the expertise and knowledge in HCI in order to get the job.

Who should attend?-

  • Any people who need a job instantly with any qualification and from any background.
  • Middleware tool consultant or Integration specialists using BizTalk server, Tibco, IBM SOA, Oracle SOA, IBM Gentran, EAI etc.,
  • Developers / Programmers from SAP ABAP, SAP PI/PO,.Net / Java or any other programming backgrounds.
  • HCM Consultants {without any other go…}
  • SAP / Siebel / PeopleSoft / WorkDay / SuccessFactors / Sales Force etc.,  [ERP/CRM/BPM] Business consultants
  • Test engineers / Test leads
  • Data Analysts  / Data Scientists / BI & Reporting Analysts from any technology background
  • MBA, BBA, MCA, M.Sc, B.Tech, B.E Fresher / Experienced people
  • NonIT professionals aspiring to get into IT industry.
  • Entry-level Software professionals (From any background)

Trainer?–Edumas endorsed Training Professional; Certified, Senior “HCI” Lead Consultant, 12+ years of experience in SAP and Middleware technology.

Training plan [training-grooming-supporting]?- Proposed Hours of work sessions includes Training on concepts, Assignments, Live Case Studies, Real-time Working Scenarios, Relevant personal Skills and Attitude, Expertise on SF Software, Software Cloud Instance Access, End-to-end Resume building & Presentation, Genuine FAQs & Generalized worked-out answers, Informative material documents, Tech support, Certification Guidance,  Mock Interviews and Consultation (INTERNAL REFERENCES in renowned CMM level companies) with 100% Placement Assistance, • Online Exam after the Course and Certificate of Participation from Edumas.

Courseware? – We determined the requirements of IT industries and designed the courseware by our panel of Mentoring Board, while considering “” and SAP standards, Industrial ongoing changes and valuable feedbacks from senior competency heads.

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  1. Best


    Overall a nice course. Highly Recommended. Instructor is great and forums , groups gave a great discussion platform.
    Thanks wplms for providing such a platform.

  2. This was a good course


    Overall a nice course. Highly Recommended. Instructor is great and forums , groups gave a great discussion platform.
    Thanks wplms for providing such a platform.


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