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Course Curriculum

Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI)
HCI Tools
HCI Environment Setup
HCI Data Integration
Advance settings on HCI
Deep Dive into Hana Cloud Integration
Processes in SAP HANA Cloud Integration
Supporting Processes for HCI
Different Adapters on HCI
Prepackaged Content
Prepackaged Integration through WEB UI
Certificate based communication
HCI events
One live scenario: ERP to SFSF

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    Course Reviews

    • SAP Integration Suite ( HCI / CPI )

      This was a good course 3

      Overall a nice course. Highly Recommended. Instructor is great and forums , groups gave a great discussion platform. Thanks wplms for providing such a platform.
      Default avatar
      Betty Adams
    • How to write effectively

      Good Course 4

      Nice Course Ciriculum
      Default avatar
      Linda Walker
    • How to write effectively

      Awesome course by Lupin 5

      Mind blowing course...!!
      Default avatar
      Linda Walker
    • SAP Ariba

      Incredible basics 5

      This is a really nice course, a must have for Photography newbies.
      Default avatar
      Donald Gracia
    • SAP Ariba

      A must have for Photography students 4

      This is a really nice course and everyone interested in photography should take it.
      Default avatar
      Donald Gracia

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